Fort S.A.N.D. Children's Church meets during the main worship gathering at 10:30 am each Friday morning. During Children's Church, children of all ages have the opportunity to hear the truth of the Gospel through song, prayer, teaching and application activities.

Children's Church Registration

In order to make sure we know all of the kids who join us each week for children's church and to keep everyone safe, please assist us by following these simple policies...

(1) Take children age 4 and under to the South Wing (by the Coke machine) sign- in desk and children age 4-11 to the sign-in desk past the coffee shop
(2) You'll be asked at the sign in desk to fill out a brief information form.
(3) Please help the volunteer at the sign in desk by letting them know your child's birthday so that he or she can be placed in the correct small group.  
(4) Your child will be given a nametag and directed to class and you will be given a security card to use as identification when you come to collect your child at the end of the service.
You can check small group assignments here to make sure your child is in the right group.
More information specific to children age 4 and under can be found on the Sandbox page. 

Fort S.A.N.D. Large Group

Part of the Children's Church time is spent with all children age 4-11 gathering together for a special time of worship. We sing songs, participate in drama, occasionally play a game, take up an offering, hear the Word taught and pray as a group before being dismissed to individual small groups. 

Small Groups

The remaining part of the Children's Church session is spent in age specific (and sometimes gender specific) small groups where children have an opportunity to build relationships with peers and leaders and grow together in their knowledge of God and His Word. In small groups, children review the lesson for the morning, play games, learn Bible verses, pray for one another and discuss ways the lesson can be applied in their daily lives.