Fort S.A.N.D. Tools

At Fort S.A.N.D. our desire is to partner with you (the parents of UCCD) as you obey the commands of Scripture to raise your children in the "training and instruction of the Lord." (Ephesians 6:4)

The following resources are tools that we've collected to encourage you in the process.
Jesus Storybook Bible Curriculum Guide - - this is the outline of the lessons that were taught September 2014 - August 2015. This will help you know what to expect week in and week out.

Fort SAND Family Worship Guide - - this guide is designed to help you lead your family in regular worship using the weekly take home pages that are provided at Fort SAND.

 "Teach Them Well"- - Lots of ideas for applying Deuteronomy 6:4-9 to your family's routine.

Bible Book Games- - a set of Books of the Bible cards and a collection of games to play to encourage your family to learn the books of the Bible.

Prayer Prompt Cards- - a set of cards to print and use with your preschooler to help them think of things to thank God for. One   suggestion would be to mix these cards with pictures of people in your family to encourage your little one to thank God for the gift of family.

Summer Bible Expedition- - a booklet designed to keep kids busy during the summer and to keep them focused on the Word of God. This booklet is full of puzzles, game idea, tips of Bible memory, a reading guide and much more.

People Group Prayer Games- - a collection of games and teaching ideas to use with the unreached people group prayer cards available from Joshua project.

Preschool Song List- -a collection of simple songs... J-E-S-U-S, Jesus Said to Follow Him, God Keeps All His Promises, The Heavens Declare, etc..... set to familiar tunes (such as "Mary Had a Little Lamb") that supplement the teaching time on Friday mornings.


Can You tell Me What God is Like? - - a booklet of puzzles and activities designed to help kids age 5+ discover the truth of God's character and what the Bible teaches us about who God is and what He is like.

Fort S.A.N.D. Mini Books

The following resources are tools developed by Fort S.A.N.D. to be used in conjunction with the children's church curriculum. Most are simple 6 pages coloring books that support the truths being taught in class, and are designed for use with kids age 2-7.

All About the Bible- - a simple tool to remind kids of the truth that the Bible is the Word of God.

Can You Tell Me What God is Like?- - a reminder of many of God's attributes... God is forever, eternal, holy, perfect, the sovereign King, almighty, creator and much more.

God is Love- - a book reminding us of the truth of the Gospel as seen in Romans 5:8.

Something Out of Nothing- - a simple reminder of the truth that God made the world.

The Gospel Song- - a coloring book based on the words of the song, "The Gospel Song" off the Awesome God CD from Sovereign Grace

The Greatness of God- -a reminder of who God is, what He is like and the truth that there is no one like God.

What Does God do?- -a reminder that God made the world, God cares for the world, God provides good gifts for the world and the best gift God has ever given is Jesus.

Special Occasion Tools

These are tools designed to help you point your children to the true meaning of Christmas and Easter.

 The 1st Easter- - a 15 day guide designed to walk you and your children through the Easter story. More ideas for teaching the Easter story can be found on the Easter page
What's Christmas All About?- - a reminder that Christmas is about Jesus; not about the tree, the lights, the cookies or even the presents.
Christmas Coloring Book- -this coloring book was given out at the 2010 Breakfast in Bethlehem (an family Christmas carnival held each year at UCCD).