Calling all Fort S.A.N.D. Kids!

This is a place just for you. 

Come back often to see what you'll find here! 

Do you want to watch some "What's in the Bible?" videos, or maybe color a picture of your favorite character? Well, you've come to the right place! 
Check out Jelly Telly for all kinds of fun. On this one website you'll find "What's in the Bible?" videos, along with lots of other videos like...  Adventures in Odyssey, Last Chances Detectives and more. You'll also find coloring pages, craft ideas, games you can play online, info on your favorite "What's in the Bible?" characters and more! 
Check out this great video to see the answer to the question... "why does God love you?" It's a great reminder of what we learned this summer in our study The Greatest Gift.
Are you looking for some fun Bible games and activities to help you learn the books of the Bible and memory verses? If so, then check out the Adventure Bible
Check out Granny's Bible Dojo for a really cool way to learn the books of the Bible. It's a fast paced game that you can play online....or ask your parents to get the app for their iphone or ipad for even more Bible book learning fun.
Some other fun resources just for you...