24. Jul, 2012

Book Review: "The Priest With Dirty Clothes"

"Everyone watched Jonathan as he carefully opened the gift the prince had given him. Jonathan's eyes grew wide when he saw what it was. It was the perfect present. Inside were the beautiful clothes that belonged to the prince. The prince smiled again at Jonathan and said, 'These are the clean clothes I promised you. They are yours forever. They will never wear out. There is not a spot of dirt on them and nothing can make them dirty. They are perfect for you.'"

The Prince with Dirty Clothes by RC Sproul is the story of a young priest named Jonathan who is called to preach for the king, but on his way there his clothes get all muddy. When he stands before the king, he is told he cannot preach in dirty clothes, but that the king will give him another chance the next week. After trying on his own to clean the clothes or to replace the clothes, someone suggests he go and visit the prince. The prince then promises Jonathan that he will take care of everything. The next Sunday, Jonathan appears before the king again still in his muddy clothes, then the prince comes in and gives Jonathan his own princely robes. Jonathan stands before the king in royal robes, while the prince stands there in Jonathan's dirty robes.


This book is an excellent resource for talking to your kids about the gospel. Through this story you can discuss sin and righteousness, Christ's work on our behalf, imputation, justification, forgiveness and the truth that when God sees His children, He sees the righteousness of His Son and not our sin. 

The Priest with Dirty Clothes is available in the Bible Society for 65/- along with other excellent books by RC Sproul such as The King Without a Shadow.