15. Nov, 2015

What You Missed ---- November 13, 2015

God Introduced Himself to Moses

Last week we learned about a baby boy. Does anyone remember his name? (Moses) This week we are talking about him all grown-up. Moses moved away from Egypt and was now married and had a family.

Moses worked for his father in law as a shepherd. He took care of sheep. care of sheep. (Make “baa” sound).  One day Moses was out in the fields with the sheep. (“baa”) As he was leading the sheep, (“baa”) they came to the mountain of God. All of a sudden Moses saw a strange thing. (Place your hand on your forehead like you are looking far away) Moses saw fire coming out of a tree—but the tree was still green. Nothing was burning up! 

Moses walked closer to get a better view. God saw that Moses was coming closer, so God called to Moses, “Moses, Moses!”

Then God said, “Stay where you are. Take off your sandals because this is holy ground.(Take off your shoes)

 God told Moses that He had seen how His people were being treated badly in Egypt.

He had heard their cries for help. God told Moses that He had a plan. And Moses was part of that plan to get the people out of their slavery. God told Moses to go and get His people.

Moses was afraid and didn’t think he was the right person for the job, but God told Moses that He would go with him. Moses asked God what he should tell the people and what he should tell the Pharaoh. God said, “tell them that I AM has sent me to you.” God gave Moses His name and told him to say that God is “I AM.” (have kids repeat “I Am” after you.”) 

God wanted Moses to know who He was and that He is in control. God wanted Moses to know who He is and that He is good. God wanted Moses to know who He is and that He had a great plan to rescue His people. 

Moses was still scared, but he trusted God and believed that God would rescue His people. Next week we’ll see the amazing things that God did to rescue His people and how He showed that He is powerful (strong arms), and loving (hug self) and good (2 thumbs up).


  • For - - 4 fingers in the air
  • it is by grace- - arms crossed chest like the love sign
  • you’ve been saved,- - arms out to the side like a cross
  • through faith- - arms crossed chest like the love sign
  • and this not from yourselves, - - shake finger like saying NO
  • it is the gift of God- - hands out like receiving a gift
  • not by works, so that no one can boast.- - hands cupped around mouth like yelling 
  • Ephesians 2:8-9

Day 1 - Read Exodus 2:15- 3:6
What was Moses doing when God spoke to him? How did God first introduce Himself to Moses

Day 2 - Read Exodus 3:4-22
Write out what God told Moses to tell the people when they asked who He was. Flip through the book of John and notice some of the times that Jesus used the name “I Am” to describe Himself.

Day 3 - Read Psalm 98
Our challenge verse for the week tells us that God has made known His salvation. According to Romans 1:18-20, what else has God made known to all people?

Day 4 - Read John 18:1-11
Act out this story as a family. Talk about why the soldiers fell to the ground in verse 6. Who was Jesus saying He was when He said, “I am He?”

Day 5 - Read Luke 24:13-35
Our challenge verse says that God has made known His salvation. According to verse 17, how has God made this known? Talk through some of the ways that the law and prophets pointed to Jesus.