1. Nov, 2015

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All Part of God's Plan (Joseph) 

Jacob had twelve sons. They took care of the sheep and goats. One son, Joseph, was Jacob’s favorite. Jacob loved Joseph the most. Jacob gave Joseph a very special coat. When his brothers saw the coat, they were jealous that their father loved Joseph most of all.

One night, Joseph had a dream that his brothers bowed down to him. After that dream, Joseph’s brothers didn’t want to be around him anymore. Soon after that, Joseph was sent to his brothers in the field. When they saw him coming they were very jealous and mad. “Here comes the dreamer,” said one of them. 

By the time Joseph reached his brothers, they had come up with a plan. They decided to get rid of Joseph. They caught Joseph, took his fancy coat, and dropped him into a well. Joseph couldn’t get out. They saw a group of traders coming their way. One brother said, “Why not sell Joseph to those traders? We’ll be rid of him and we’ll get some money too.” The brothers all agreed.

They took Joseph out of the well and they sold him. The traders took Joseph to Egypt as a slave. Jacob was very sad. He cried and cried because he loved Joseph very much. The brothers never told their father the truth.

Joseph lived in Egypt for many years. At first he was not happy. His brothers had been mean to him. They sold Joseph as a slave. But God was with Joseph and he helped him. In Egypt, Joseph became King Pharaoh’s most important leader. But now, no rain had fallen in Egypt. No food had grown. The people in Egypt were hungry. When they cam to Joseph, he sold them food to eat.

Joseph’s father and eleven brothers lived in Canaan. They were hungry too. They had no food to eat. So Jacob, their father said, “Go to Egypt and buy food for us.” Ten of the brothers left. When the brothers arrived in Egypt, Joseph saw them, but they didn’t know who he was. They did not know that Joseph was the leader of Egypt. Joseph was glad to see his brothers, but he remembered the mean things they had done to him. 

He said to them, “I am Joseph, your brother. Even though you were mean to me, I forgive you. God has brought our family together again!” 

The brothers were amazed and thankful. They were so glad that Joseph had forgiven them! All of Joseph’s brothers and his father and all of their family all came to live in Egypt. They praised God for using the bad plans that they had as part of God’s great plan and they remembered that God is in charge of the whole world!


  • “Know therefore - point to the sides of your head
  • that the Lord - point up
  • your God - point to each other
  • is God; - point up
  • He is the Faithful God.” - cross arms over chest
  • Deuteronomy 7:9

Genesis 50 teaches us that God is wise

Day 1 - Read Genesis 37:1-11
This week you’re going to make a mural of Joseph’s life. Each day, read the text for the day and draw a picture~ then add it to the picture from the day before. Write one statement on each day’s page of how we see God’s wisdom in this part of the story...and how this account led to God rescuing His people.

Day 2 - Read Genesis 37:12-36

Day 3 - Read Genesis 39:1-6 & 16-23

Day 4 - Read Genesis 41

Day 5 - Read Genesis 45 & 50:15-26 


 God is Always in Control 

*** to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus”

God is always in control, in control, in control
God is always in control. God’s plan is good.

God told Noah to build a boat, build a boat, build a boat. God told Noah to build a boat. God’s plan is good.

God told Abram to follow Him, follow Him, follow Him. God told Abram to follow Him.
God’s plan is good.

God gave Ab’ram a promised son, 
promised son, promised son. 
God gave Ab’ram a promised son.
God’s plan is good.

God chose Jacob over Esau, over  Esau, 
over  Esau. God chose Jacob over Esau.
God’s plan is good.