25. Oct, 2015

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Chosen By God: Jacob


Do you remember the story of Abraham? God made a big promise to Abraham and said that he would have as many kids as the stars in the sky and that all people on the earth would be blessed through him. This promise from God was for Abraham’s family and would be passed down from father to son forever. God gave Abraham and Sarah a son named Isaac and that’s how He started to keep His promise.

Isaac grew up and he married a woman named Rebekah. After they had been married for a while, people thought that Rebekah would never have children, because she was getting old and didn’t have any kids yet. But, had faith in God, so He prayed to God and asked God to give them children. God answered Isaac's prayer and his wife became pregnant. She soon found out that she wasn’t pregnant with just one baby.... but with twins ~ 2 babies!

While the babies were growing inside of her, they started doing what all babies do and started moving around. Rebekah felt them moving around, but something didn’t feel right. It felt like her babies were fighting inside of her. So she asked God, "Why is this happening to me?"

Rebekah was worried about her babies. God answered her prayer and said, "Your babies are from 2 different nations and the older one will serve the younger one."

This was strange because usually in the Bible the older one is the leader. But in this case, God said that the older brother would serve the younger brother.

When the twins were born the first and oldest boy to be born was named Esau. He was red and hairy all over when he was born. Right behind him came his younger brother Jacob.

As the boys got older they liked doing different things.  Esau was good at hunting and loved doing things outside and Jacob liked to be close to home.

The things that God had said about them before they were born became true and instead of God’s promise to Abraham...and then to Isaac.... going to Esau.... God’s promise went to Jacob (the younger son). God chose Jacob to get the promise instead of Esau before either of them were born. God didn’t choose Jacob because he was good, but God chose Jacob because God chose to choose Jacob.


  • “Know therefore - point to the sides of your head
  • that the Lord - point up
  • your God - point to each other
  • is God; - point up
  • He is the Faithful God.” - cross arms over chest
  • Deuteronomy 7:9

Genesis 25 & 27 teach us that God chooses His people

Day 1 - Read Genesis 25:19-26
For days 1-3 of this week, work together as a family to make a mural of Jacob and Esau’s story. Add to the picture each day. Discuss what God said to Rebekah and how this shows us that God chooses His people.

Day 2 - Read Genesis 25:27-34
Add to the mural. How do we see God’s words starting to be fulfilled in this story. What is a birthright and what happened to Esau’s birthright?

Day 3 - Read Genesis 27:1-40
Add to the mural. Compare Isaac’s blessing for Jacob (who he thought was Esau) with what God told Rebekah before the boys were born. How do you see God’s sovereignty at work in this passage?

Day 4 - Read Romans 9:10-18
These verses help us to make sense of the story of Jacob and Esau. Write verse 16 on your mural and talk about how this helps us to see that salvation is completely a work of God and never something we can do on our own.

Day 5 - Read Ephesians 1:3-10
This passage talks about how god saves His people through Jesus and how His plan to save His people began before the creation of the world. What is the big word in this passage that means that God chooses His people.


 God is Always in Control 

*** to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus”

God is always in control, in control, in control
God is always in control. God’s plan is good.

God told Noah to build a boat, build a boat, build a boat. God told Noah to build a boat. God’s plan is good.

God told Abram to follow Him, follow Him, follow Him. God told Abram to follow Him.
God’s plan is good.

God gave Ab’ram a promised son, 
promised son, promised son. 
God gave Ab’ram a promised son.
God’s plan is good.

God chose Jacob over Esau, over  Esau, 
over  Esau. God chose Jacob over Esau.
God’s plan is good.