18. Oct, 2015

What you missed .... October 16, 2015


Who remembers our story from last week? As Usual we looked into the Bible and discover big truths about who God is and what God is like. We started talking about a man named Abraham and how God made Abraham part of His big plan. 

Let’s review a bit.... God had a big plan. God told Abraham to follow Him. God promised Abraham that He would make Abraham into a great nation and that He would bless Abraham and his family. That’s what God said He was going to do and Abraham trusted God and knew that God is faithful.

Today’s story starts with how God kept His promise to make Abraham into a great nation. When God told Abraham that He was going to give Abraham a big family, He actually said that Abraham would have as many children as stars in the sky. 

This was a little bit of a confusing promise because at this point, Abraham and his wife, Sarah were very old and didn’t have any children. It seemed impossible, but God can do impossible things. God can do big things. 

When Abraham was 100 years old and his wife Sarah was 90 years old, God kept His promise and gave them a family. 

God gave Abraham and Sarah a baby named Isaac. 
God gave Isaac two sons - Jacob & Esau. 
God gave Jacob twelve sons. 

God’s special family was growing and growing. And it all started with the promised birth of one little boy.

But, this wasn’t the end of God’s promise. In fact, there would be another special baby that would fulfill all of God’s promises to Abraham. Many years later, God gave another special baby to the world. This baby was named Jesus. Jesus came to earth to rescue God’s family by dying on the cross. Jesus was the answer to all of the promises that God made to Abraham. Jesus was the blessing that would come into the world to rescue and save God’s special family.


  • “Know therefore - point to the sides of your head
  • that the Lord - point up
  • your God - point to each other
  • is God; - point up
  • He is the Faithful God.” - cross arms over chest
  • Deuteronomy 7:9

 Genesis 12-22 teach us that Jesus is the Promised One.

Day 1 - Read Hebrews 11:11-12 & 17-19
How did Abraham show his faith in God in these 2 accounts? Look back at Hebrews 11:1 and review the definition of faith.

Day 2 - Read Genesis 15
In Genesis 12, God took Abram from his home and and led him to a new land and Abram follwed by faith. God had promised Abram that he would be the father of many nations, but he still din’t have any kids and Abram was starting to worry. Compare this 2nd promise from God to the 1st one in Genesis 12.

Day 3 - Read Genesis 18:1-15
What does this story teach us about God’s faithfulness? Abraham & Sarah waited for a long time for their promised son, but the wait was just beginning for “The Promised Son”.... read Isaiah 9:6-7. Who is this Son?

Day 4 - Read Genesis 22:1-18
God gave the promised son (Isaac) and then tested Abraham’s faith. How did Abraham respond?

Day 5 - Read Romans 8:28-39
God spared Abraham’s son (Isaac). Who did He not spare and why not? According to our challenge verse for the week, what will God give to those who believe in His Son?


 God is Always in Control 

*** to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus”

God is always in control, in control, in control
God is always in control. God’s plan is good.

God told Noah to build a boat, build a boat, build a boat. God told Noah to build a boat. God’s plan is good.

God told Abram to follow Him, follow Him, follow Him. God told Abram to follow Him.
God’s plan is good.

God gave Ab’ram a promised son, 
promised son, promised son. 
God gave Ab’ram a promised son.
God’s plan is good.

God chose Jacob over Esau, over  Esau, 
over  Esau. God chose Jacob over Esau.
God’s plan is good.