14. Sep, 2015

Fort S.A.N.D. Volunteer Profile

Do you ever wonder who the people are who faithfully serve with the kids in Fort S.A.N.D. teaching the kids the gospel each week? We're going to start a series of posts introducing you to our Fort S.A.N.D. team.

Introducing Ms. Hilda
Name: Hilda
Age group you serve with
started with 7-8 (horses), now 5-6 year olds (caravans)
How long have you been serving in Fort SAND?
Since February 27, 2015
Why did you start serving? 
Well...before, I never liked kids and I wanted to test my tolerance with them. But now I have to say, Fort SAND is teaching, helping and guiding me to love them in many ways.
What is your motivation to keep serving? 
For the gospel and its lifesaving message.
What have you learned through serving? 
Teaching Kids is the hardest thing I have ever done but also the most satisfying. As a young teen I never got to go to sunday school and hear all the wonderful stories in the bible. I'm always excited when I get the lesson plan because I get to learn too.
What's been the hardest moment in Fort SAND?
Disciplining kids. 
What's been your best moment? 
The small group singing and memory verse time. I always seem to be more excited and creative during those times.
What are some changes you've seen in Fort SAND?
Kids have grown more smarter in questioning and answering the bible. Its definitely because of the teaching style in Fort SAND. 
What are some changes you've seen in yourself through serving? 
(A) I'm cautioned and attentive while I speak, so that kids clearly understand the Gospel (kids always want a reason as to why things are done a certain way or how historical stories in the bible relate to us today).
(B) I am reminded of the gospel in every lesson plan. I try to follow what I teach at Fort SAND in my own life.
(C) After joining Fort SAND, I've started writing articles and small sermons on the gospel which are all influenced by the lessons taught at Fort SAND and teachings in UCCD.
How has being part of Fort SAND helped you build relationships or community in the church?
I've met quite a few people at Fort SAND. I have actually got to know and spend time with the moms at UCCD. I learnt how to read stories to kids, bring the class together in unity, in an exciting tone by just observing them.
What's the toughest question a kid has ever asked you? 
A student of mine came up to me and asked if she would go to hell if she did not believe in Jesus. That was a first for me.
How do you talk about the gospel in the age you teach?
The lesson plan is always Gospel centered and Bethany puts in a lot of effort to make sure that every story, every game and every activity we do, points to Jesus. My work is made more easy with a plan like that.