1. Dec, 2011

Exciting new family resource....

"The Gospel Story Bible" looks to be a great new resource for kids, parents, teachers and anyone who wants to see the Gospel clearly taught from Genesis through Revelation. This story Bible contains 156 stories and each one of them clearly points to Christ and the cross and God's amazing redemption plan. 

Check out the book and even preview the whole thing online here

Here's an excerpt from the author on why he wanted to write another children's story Bible. You can read the whole article here


The first 5 of 10 reasons why I wrote the Gospel Story Bible.

I’m sure folks are going to be asking, “Why write another story Bible for children when we already have a bunch of quality children’s Bible’s on the market?”  Good question!  I’ve listed my first five reasons in this post.

1.  Display the gospel – As a pastor, I realized that many of the story Bibles forget the most important part of the story!  If you don’t help people to see the big picture behind the individual stories is God’s gospel story to save us from our sins, then they are missing the most important part of the Bible.  I wanted to create a children’s story Bible that points them very clearly to how each story fits into God’s saving plan.

2. Get the truth out – In an effort to make their stories easy to understand, many story Bibles over-simplify the message or change it all together.  I wanted to write a story Bible that remained true to the truth of God’s Word.  The idea was to condense and consolidate  without changing or corrupting what the Bible teaches.

3.  Kids love a new book – As a dad, my philosophy was to get my kids a copy of every good children’s Bible on the market.  I want them to be excited to read the same stories again and again.  Putting a new story Bible in front of them provides a fresh opportunity to review the stories they have come to love.