11. Dec, 2013

"Can You Tell Me the Story of Christmas?" - - New Christmas Resource

Can You Tell Me the Story of Christmas?

This year at Breakfast in Bethlehem, all kids received this book- "Can you tell me the story of Christmas?" - In case you didn't make it, or you want another copy to read/ color/ share with a friend, you can download it here.

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"We all know the story of Christmas.

Sometimes we get confused by all the extras like presents and new toys and scrumptious food and shiny decorations.

BUT, you know what Christmas is all about, don’t you? If someone asked you at school what Christmas was about, you’d probably be able to say something about a baby and a manger and angels and shepherds and wise men and a young couple named Joseph and Mary.

But, did you know that the story of Christmas began LONG before that baby was born? LONG before Mary wrapped Jesus in cloths and laid Him in the manger? LONG before the shepherds and wise men came to visit Him?......"