19. May, 2013

Fort S.A.N.D. Asks... "What's Church All About About?"

This week (May 24) in Fort S.A.N.D. we'll be starting a new unit of study called "What's Church All About?" For the next 9 weeks we'll be answering questions about the church and learning more about the church.



Here's the Outline we'll be Following:

  • May 24- What is Church?
  • May 31- The Church Proclaims the Gospel
  • June 7- Churches Worship God
  • June 14- Churches are Under Authority of the Bible
  • June 21- Churches Gather to Hear the Bible Taught
  • June 28- Churches Baptize New Believers
  • July 5- Churches Celebrate the Lord's Supper
  • July 12- Churches Have Godly Leaders
  • July 19- Churches Pray

This week, all kids (Age 2+) will be sent home with a family worship guide for this unit of study. You can preview or download a copy of this guide here.  


One of the key points of this unit of study is that the church is God's people. To help our little ones better understand this truth, they'll be singing the following song.


Church is God's People
(to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell"

The church is God's people,
The church is God's people
Who come together to worship Him
The church is God's people.

(who come together to learn of Him)
(who tell others about Him)