Celebrating Easter as a family

If you're looking for some ideas of what you can do to teach the story of Easter this year, here are a few ideas....

The 1st Easter

This book, "The 1st Easter,"  contains 15 short, 1-page stories designed to help your family walk through the story of the first Easter.
Tips for using this book:
*  Read through one story a day leading up to Easter
*  Have older kids read the Bible texts that go along with each of the stories.
   Note the different details recorded by each of the Gospel writers.
*  Let younger kids color the pictures.
*  Use the pictures like flashcards and have kids try and retell that portion of
   the story using just the picture.
*  Mix the pages up and have kids put the story in order.
*  Have kids draw pictures to go along with each of the stories.

Other Easter Ideas and Resources:

1)   "God's Wonderful Suprise"- -a video of the "Jesus Storybook Bible" 

        Easter story.

2)    4 Things to Teach Your Children This Easter - a helpful article with good ideas
       for parents about what to discuss during the Easter season
3)    Make a Resurrection Tree -  This article has some good ideas and helpful hints          to start this tradition with your family

4)   Resurrection Egg Craft Project

5)   "The Gospel Song" Video- -Use this video, or the song (which is on the
        Awesome God CD) together with the coloring book available on the
        Chldren's Church Resource Page.

6)   "God Has Power" by Carine Mackenzie- -a simple board book for use with
        preschoolers. Use the book to remind kids that God has power over sin
        and death and power to forgive sin. Book is available in the Bible Society.

7)   "Jesus is King" Gospel Coloring book

8)   Read and discuss "The Prince's Poison Cup" by RC Sproul. It's available in the
        Bible Society and is a great story to use to illustrate Jesus'
        substitutionary death.

9)   Read the chapter from "The Jesus Storybook Bible" called The Present
        and focus on the connection between God providing the ram and God
        providing THE LAMB..... "Many years later, another Son would climb
        another hill, carrying wood on His back. Like Isaac, he woudl trust his
        Father and do what his Father asked. He wouldn't struggle or run away.
        Who was He? God's Son, his only Son- the Son he loved....the Lamb of
        God." (pg 69). Jesus Storybook Bible is available in the Bible Society.