Do your kids come home singing a few words of a song they heard in large group? Are you curious what songs we regularly sing at Fort SAND? Each week in Fort SAND, the elementary kids (age 4+) sing 3 songs during their large group time that help us to teach the truth for the week and remind kids of the truth of the Gospel.

Here are some of our favorite songs and links to where you can either listen to them or buy them to listen at home...

"Awesome God" CD from Sovereign Grace Music
How do children learn about God’s greatness? One excellent way is to sing songs that express God’s character and nature in words that kids understand. 

1- Almight Creator 
2- Jesus Came to Earth 
3- The Gospel Song 
4- Forever God
5- Mighty Mighty Savior 
6- For You Are Holy 
7- Have You Heard? 

2- God is GOOD

1- Grace
2- Hey Man
3- Eternal Life
4- Faith
5- New Creation

1- The Wages and the Gift
2- The Life
3- The Fruit

1- Who Can Say?

We also sing some other familiar songs such as "Awesome God," "The Power of the Cross," "His Love Endures Forever," and others as well as a few other songs that work especially well with our memory verse or passage for the week. 

In the younger kid's classes (the Sandbox), we mainly sing songs that are sung to familiar children's tunes. We have a memory verse song every month as well as a collection of songs that enforce the truth of the lesson for the week. These are great songs to use in your family worship times as well. A lyrics page is available and some of the songs are available to listen online or download.